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Group Therapy Programs

In 2020, we are running a number of online group programs for NDIS participants, and a number of programs for eligible Medicare clients. To participate in these groups, you will need to have access to either a computer, tablet device (like an iPad), or a smartphone that can connect to the Internet. You will receive separate instructions about each online group after you have registered. There are no other special requirements other than needing to be an eligible NDIS participant, or eligible under Medicare, depending on your circumstances. Please click on the links below to read more information about each group. If you are interested in participating in a group program, click on the Expression of Interest link below. If you have any other specific enquiry, e-mail your questions to .

Expression of Interest in Group Programs


For NDIS participants, you must have funds allocated to the Capacity Building Supports group category (Improved Daily Living Skills) in order to use your NDIS funds to pay for group or individual telehealth sessions with us. We are an NDIS registered provider, so we are certified to work with all NDIS participants regardless of whether you are self-managed, part-managed, or fully managed by the NDIS. Please see your NDIS Plan Manager for further details, or contact us.


For Medicare clients, rebates for group and individual telehealth sessions are currently only available to people living in rural and remote areas. Medicare uses the Modified Monash Model (MMM) to determine which areas are eligible, and people living in MMM-4 to MMM-7 areas are currently able to claim Medicare rebates for telehealth sessions. To check if your home town qualifies, click on your state or territory below. If your suburb is on the list, then you qualify for a telehealth Medicare rebate.


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